Sunday, December 19, 2010

What your Dad really wants for Christmas - top 3

He was lying. Your Dad actually does want something this Christmas.
I find that most men are hiding beneath a layer of "well I suppose my socks are a bit worn out" and "I guess I did lose a few hankies a while back" because they are ashamed of the truth.

Men, you need not lie anymore, I know your secrets and it's finally out. Here's what you really want for Christmas! Your children don't need to be tortured anymore with gift-buying agony.

1. Something with buttons. Men like pressing them and that's a scientific fact. It doesn't really matter what the buttons are on.
Elevators are a rich source of buttons , If you can't afford to install one, many parking buildings offer lift-riding free of charge.

2. Toilet humour. Deep down, every man wants to spit in the face of society's strange cover-ups and just talk openly about poop. What was yours like? What was mine like? Rating out of 10? A calendar featuring the different genres will go down well and will last him a whole year.

A homemade calendar is an easy way to say "I love you" and "it's O.K"

With just a little bit of effort you can change your old man from this......

to this:

3. Something that no-one else has. You may have to get inventive, but everyone wants something that is the envy of all their friends. Something 100% original and very rare. Men don't really dig diamonds, but they do like fishing, and pretty ladies.

Try sourcing a real live mermaid

With these simple tips the age old question of what to get your dad is destroyed! He will love you.

Happy buying everyone!

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